Sunday, 30 October 2011


I have a slight obsession with Limoges jewellery.  Limoges is a type of porcelain produced in France from the 1700's (& replicated in America) and is usually decorated very beautifully; you can get everything from plates to minitures, but it's the jewellery that I'm really in love with.  I'm no expert when it comes to antiqiues, and have no idea what's what; I've done a bit of research into what the different stamps mean but I tend to just go with the ones that I think are pretty as I'm using them as fashion accessories rather than collectables.   There are numerous designs available but lots of the jewellery tends to feature these lovely little romantic scenes, such as a French man serenading his beloved...if only!!

my limoges and frilly collar combo

This is my favourite necklace,  which always gets lots of compliments when I wear it. I like to team it with blouses, especially this one with the frilly lace collar which creates a really vintage look.

Limoges broach, necklace and ring at Mad Elizabeth Vintage
 My love for limoges has also spilled over into the shop and here are a few of the bits we've got in at the moment.  If they don't sell I'll happily keep them.


  1. How incredibly beautiful! Love the delicacy!


  2. Very nice post. Limoges jewelry, especially those that are hand-painted are really a work of art.

  3. these are gorgeous, love your blog <3

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  4. So great ... I'm also a fan of wearable Limoges art.
    Here's a link to some more Limoges jewelry