Thursday, 20 October 2011


On 17th November the highly anticipated Versace for H&M collection will be available.  It all  looks pretty amazing and as promised the designs take heavy influence from those of the 90's when Versace was highly coveted with the price tag to match.  This time round it's a lot more affordable which no doubt will mean swarms of Fashionistas camping out to get their hands on it, even in the middle of November.  I am half tempted to join them, anyone else?

Versace for H&M £69.99

I don't think the Versace designs are very "me" but they've definitely got the wow factor and I would love to get my hands on some of the pieces.  The dress above caught my eye straight away, It's on the verge of being hideous and tacky (and some of you may think it is) but I'm still a little bit in love with it, which is what makes it quintessentially Versace.  You can check out the full collection here on the Vogue website.

After seeing the new H&M collection I had to go hunting for some images of some genuine 90's Versace and came across Zone7Style Blog featuring items from their online shop aswell as some fab retro Versace images like the one above.  I seriously suggest checking out this blog and clicking on the Versace label and then gaze in wonder at the pictures of some seriously amazing clothing. Here are a few of my favourites...

Vintage Versace Istante Silk Print Vest from Zone7Style

Vintage Versace Print Skirt from Zone7Style

Vintage Versace Sun and Palm print jacket from Zone7Style

The jacket is stil available to buy from Zone7Style if you've got £250 to spare! I wish I had!

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