Sunday, 23 October 2011


I thought I'd do a quick post to share some of my favourite things in the shop at the moment (nothing wrong with a bit of shameless self promotion right?).  I often want to keep a lot of the lovely stuff we get in but thankfully it doesn't always fit or isn't my style, otherwise we would have a very empty shop.  The things I've selected here are all fairly smart and ladylike which is a look I've never been able to master, except for weddings, but even then it has been a struggle and I've never felt like myself.

Wool felt hat £12 - Mad Elizabeth

We've had a few felt hats in and I think they are the perfect winter accessory.  Unfortunately, being short and having a small head means that any hat like this seems to look too big for me so I'm going to have to stick to smaller wooolen ones. 

Embroidered Floral Bag £18 - Mad Elizabeth

    I love the pretty floral embroidered detail on this bag and really wanted to keep it for myself but in reality it's too ladylike to go with anything I wear.  The other reason I decided not to keep this bag is that I don't get on with bags that I can't put over my shoulder, I barely function when I've got both of my hands free so if I had to hold a handbag too I would certainly struggle.

Fur stole £40 - Mad Elizabeth

The final piece I've selected is this real fur stole.  A make-up artist recently carried out a shoot using some of our collection and we teamed this with a red dress to create a glamorous 1940's look, it looked gorgeous with the hair and make-up and I will be sure to post the images on here when I get hold of them.   Whilst I do not condone the use of real fur for fashion I would  rather see items such as this be recylced than dumped in a landfill somewhere.  Sadly there is still a demand for real fur out there so perhaps this could be solved by encouraging the recycling of vintage furs instead, or maybe I'm being a bit too idealisitic?


  1. I want your shop to be in London not Leeds as I want to buy it ALL!!! I want to buy vintage and your vintage is always the best!!! xx

  2. Auughhh that haaaaat

    *grabby hands*