Friday, 21 October 2011


Last Sunday we had a stall at the Leeds Town Hall Vintage Fair.  This is one of our favourite vintage fairs to attend, not because we ever make much money but because we often come home with lots of goodies for ourselves.  There are over 60 stalls rammed with stunning vintage finds and there are usually a few that are really cheap, hence why we love it so much.

Last weekend, when I was about to leave the fair to go and open the shop, I had a final browse on my way out and was so glad I did when I came across this vintage nautical Jaeger Jacket for £5! Yes £5, I couldn't believe it either!  It was the perfect fit and I've already got an outfit in mind for its first outing.

     I also got these lovely little suede snow boots for £5.  Ok, so they are not the most stylish footwear on the planet but they have never been worn and the label says "by appointment to H.M. the Queen bootmakers" so if they're good enough for royalty they are good enough for me.  They are aslo wool lined and waterproof so I'll have toasty toes this winter.

      I bought a couple of dresses too which will no doubt be making an appearance on here at some point.


  1. Oh wow! That's probably the best bargain I've EVER heard of! What a brilliant find :) Leeds is brilliant for vintage. Love Mad Elizabeth the most. xx

  2. I know I still can't believe it! Aw thanks x

  3. That jacket is amazing, I canne wait for the outfit photos of this beauty. Please do them soon! x