Saturday, 20 October 2012


The lovely Alice came in today to purchase some denim shorts and I couldn't resist getting a picture of her fab outfit.

Alice - head-to-toe vintage!

vintage accessories

She was head-to-toe in vintage so definitely a girl after my own heart; I own a vintage shop and even then I sometimes struggle to wear an outfit made up of entirely vintage.  I love the docs and the way Alice has clashed the tie dye t-shirt with the bold printed shirt worn as a jacket.

Thursday, 18 October 2012


At the start of September I went to Malaga to visit my friend Lorena.  I'd been to Malaga before but only for a couple of days so it was nice to explore the city properly.

It was great to be somewhere with a local as they know all the best beaches, places to visit and most importantly the best places to eat and drink.  One of my favourite places was El Pimpi Florida, it's a small typically Spanish bar that get's very busy, we had to get there early at 9pm to ensure we got a prime position at the bar (this was the earliest time we ate during my visit).  We drank wine, ate some delicious food and sang and danced to the Spanish music, lots of fun!  The barman even gave us a free bottle of wine when we paid the bill... only in Spain.

fun times and good food at El Pimpi Florida

Malaga is a great place to go in the Summer, it's a beautiful city and has beaches too so you get the best of both worlds.  The city itself is nice to wonder around as the centre itself is fairly compact,  it's worth checking out the newly redeveloped port area too as there's lots of nice bars and restaurants.  If you do venture to the port walk all the way to the very end bar (I can't remember the name), if you go on a Thursday the fantastic sharing plates are two for the price of one and the beer is very cheap (more local knowledge).

Alcazaba de Malaga

Me and the view from the Alcazaba

Another Alcazaba view

The Museo de Picasso is a MUST for any art lover.  It is full of over 3,800 pieces of Picasso work, all in chronological order which I really liked as you can see how his work developed over the years, there is also a section devoted to the artist himself which was really interesting.  Another highlight was the Alcazaba de Malaga, this old fort is beautiful to walk around and has amazing views over the city, coast and mountains.  The beaches aren't the most beautiful, but they are easily accessible from the centre which is a bonus, The Malagueta beach area is also great of an evening as there are lots of bars and restaurants where you can grab a cocktail and watch the sun go down.

on the beach

having a paddle

Saturday, 14 July 2012


Our shop, Mad Elizabeth Vintage, is all about providing quality vintage and reworked clothing at affordable prices.  We aren't the richest of girls ourselves so we always try and think about what we'd pay for something when we are pricing things (probably why people always comment on how cheap some of our stuff is).  However, for the first time ever we ended up with an amazing designer piece in our possession... a vintage YSL dress!

70's Saint Laurent Rive Gauche dress £240

sooooo much fabric!

The dress is AMAZING, there is so much fabric on the dress which gives it loads of volume, sadly I am far to short and curvy to be adding more volume with clothes so I couldn't keep this gem for myself, I'm sure you'll agree it looks amazing on our model Ezra though.  It's from the YSL 'ready to wear' line, Saint Laurent Rive Gauche and we believe it to be from the late 70's.  It's a real statement piece, I just wish I had the figure to pull it off myself.  The dress is currently available in our  ASOS Marketplace boutique.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


I thought I'd share some of my fish eye film photos from a trip to Amsterdam in February.  It was a while ago but I wasn't blogging at the time, so here they are (only 5 months late)! 


the glamorous arrival 
There are so many beautiful things to take photos of in Amsterdam and our first day there was really sunny, unfortunately I didn't capture any photos of us swanning around the canals as I ran out of film and forgot to put a new one in my handbag.  That'll teach me to take pictures on the plane and of the plane, I do quite like the one out of the plane window though!

we loved the beds a bit too much

broken and about to get on a boat
boat fun
The first night there was pure hedonism and so we struggled to get out of bed the following day.  As terrible as these pictures are I think they pretty much sum up my trip to Amsterdam.  After spending most of Saturday in bed, we dragged ourselves out of our hotel room and onto a boat for a tour, which was really interesting and meant we got to see lots of the city.  I really want to go back and explore the place properly. 

unintentional double exposure

This last photo is of my friend Beth having a bagel in a bookshop on our last day, unfortunately I must have been too broken to even wind the film on so it ended up as a double exposure with Heather in a bus stop in Leeds a few weeks later. Better luck next time eh!

Sunday, 1 July 2012


As well as having our shop in Leeds Corn Exchange we also have an ASOS Marketplace boutique with an ever expanding collection of vintage and reworked clothing.

70's prairie dress & black maxi dress with lace sleeves, both Mad Elizabeth available from ASOS Marketplace

70's Aztec dress and pink crochet folk dress,  both Mad Elizabeth available from ASOS Marketplace

I'm not sure if it's the impending festivals we have coming up but I have personally gone a bit mad for anything with a folky 70's vibe at the moment, so loved shooting all these dresses on our gorgeous models Laura and Georgia.  We're trying to squeeze in as many shoots as possible so we can keep the boutique fresh.  You can check out the boutique here and if you follow us you'll be first to find out about any offers and when new stock is available.  We've also got a sale on at the moment with up to 50% off some of our stuff so even more reason to have a look.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


I'm not generally a fan of magazine adverts (who is?), but I make an exception for one brand in particular and that's The Kooples. I am OBSESSED with their adverts! The reason for my obsession is the coordinated, beautiful and impeccably stylish "real" couples that feature in them. I say "real" because granted they are genuine couples but lots of them are also models (I discovered this when I found out you can read interviews with them on the Kooples website).

Beautiful Kooples Couples

Skull lace detail 
I've always admired the simplicity and sophistication of continental fashion but it isn't exactly me, I'm too much of a vintage loving scruff.  The Kooples collections have beautiful tailoring and attention to detail, such as the little skulls they work into the lace.  Maybe as I get older (and hence more sophisticated) I wouldn't mind sporting this sort of look... especially if there is a handsome French bloke in the equation too.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Every month Wax Bar in Leeds plays host to The Double Hip Club.  I try to go along when my diary and finances allow as it always proves to be a fun night with great 60's music (all vinyl might I add)!  I took my fish eye camera along a few months ago so thought I'd share them with you on here.

Helen, Aviva, Nadine and Heather @ Wax Bar

DJ Marko

Although you can't make them out that well from these photos there were some seriously good retro outfits in the room, Marko (the DJ) was wearing a rather awesome jacket which Heather liked so much that she pinched it and was wearing it for a while.

yummy Jever

I'm not much of a beer drinker but whenever I'm at Wax Bar I always have a Jever beer as they are pretty tasty and come in a big chilled glass from the freezer!