Tuesday, 18 October 2011


When I initially set up this blog it was to capture the amazing street style I was seeing on my jaunts up and down the country.  At the time I was spending every weekend travelling to vintage fairs here there and everywhere with my partner in crime Heather and decided to start a street style blog in an attempt to document the wonderful outfits I was seeing.  These days we are a lot more static, infact we have opened our very own vintage shop called Mad Elizabeth in the wonderful city of Leeds, and whilst we are still selling our wares at plenty of fairs we are often flying solo whilst the other one stays in the shop, so trying to run a stall and take street style shots is near enough impossible.

As you can see I haven't posted for about a year so I thought why let a perfectly good blog name go to waste and have decided to pick it back up again but with a different angle.  I am still planning to have an aspect of street style as I do love it so, and we are never short of well dressed people coming into the shop to snap, but I also plan to talk about our lovely little shop and other adventures on the blog too. Amy from the wonderful Vintage Reflection is always on at me to start blogging my outfits so I will try and do a bit of that on here too.

No doubt Mad Elizabeth is going to be mentioned a lot on this blog so I thought I'd start off with a picture of the shop (& me)  which was taken by a professional photographer for Leeds Corn Exchange where our shop is located along with lots of lovely independents.

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  1. You and your store looks lovely. I'm so glad my nagging has finally paid off and you've started up the blog again. Can't wait to see it grow and develop over time. xx