Friday, 25 November 2011


Sorry for the lack of posting lately, it's been a very busy few weeks at the shop with a little break in Madrid thrown in too, which I will also be posting about soon.  Anway, Christmas is now under a month away and family have been asking me what I want.  I'm not a huge fan of creating christmas lists, I don't really want that much stuff and me and my sister have a rule that we only spend £5 and it has to be from a charity shop. Luckily most of my family don't mind giving me cash as they'd prefer me to put it towards something I really want, for my recent birthday my parents gave me spending money for my trip to Madrid.  Nonetheless I have put together a little list, some of these things aren't very realistic and some I don't necessarily want or need, I just like them.

Johnny Marr has remastered all four of the Smiths studio albums & I wouldn't mind getting my hands on the Complete CD Box Set.  It's not too pricey on Amazon either, maybe I will add this to my actual list afterall!

Cat Faux Leather Bow T-shirt & Fox Faux leather bow jumpper £36 - Alice Takes a Trip
I discovered Sheffield based Alice takes a trip at a Vintage Fair a while ago and like to check out what they've got in their online shop every now and then.  They have some very beautiful dresses but at the moment I am particually loving these animal T-shirts and sweaters with faux leather bows, the above sweater would be a great alternative to my many knitted jumpers for winter.

 I really want a pet pig but this isn't really practical considering we don't even have a garden... one day maybe (I told you some of these weren't very realistic) 

Antiform Leggings £22
 You may have read about the launch of our fab concession Antiform in the shop in this previous post.  There are some amazing things in the collection but I've mostly been lusting after a pair of their patterned leggings, now I just need to choose which design I want.
The last thing that was on my list was a Lomography Fisheye camera but my wonderful friends got me one for my birthday last week.  I'd wanted one of these for a while after borrowing my sisters a couple of times and loving how my photographs had turned out.  My sister has had hers a while now and has become pretty handy at getting some really cool shots using double exposure, hopefully I'll be a dab hand with mine soon and be able to post some pictures on here.  Here's one I took of Amy from Vintage Reflection next to one of my favourite buildings in Brum when I last used my sisters.


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