Wednesday, 27 June 2012


I'm not generally a fan of magazine adverts (who is?), but I make an exception for one brand in particular and that's The Kooples. I am OBSESSED with their adverts! The reason for my obsession is the coordinated, beautiful and impeccably stylish "real" couples that feature in them. I say "real" because granted they are genuine couples but lots of them are also models (I discovered this when I found out you can read interviews with them on the Kooples website).

Beautiful Kooples Couples

Skull lace detail 
I've always admired the simplicity and sophistication of continental fashion but it isn't exactly me, I'm too much of a vintage loving scruff.  The Kooples collections have beautiful tailoring and attention to detail, such as the little skulls they work into the lace.  Maybe as I get older (and hence more sophisticated) I wouldn't mind sporting this sort of look... especially if there is a handsome French bloke in the equation too.

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