Saturday, 14 July 2012


Our shop, Mad Elizabeth Vintage, is all about providing quality vintage and reworked clothing at affordable prices.  We aren't the richest of girls ourselves so we always try and think about what we'd pay for something when we are pricing things (probably why people always comment on how cheap some of our stuff is).  However, for the first time ever we ended up with an amazing designer piece in our possession... a vintage YSL dress!

70's Saint Laurent Rive Gauche dress £240

sooooo much fabric!

The dress is AMAZING, there is so much fabric on the dress which gives it loads of volume, sadly I am far to short and curvy to be adding more volume with clothes so I couldn't keep this gem for myself, I'm sure you'll agree it looks amazing on our model Ezra though.  It's from the YSL 'ready to wear' line, Saint Laurent Rive Gauche and we believe it to be from the late 70's.  It's a real statement piece, I just wish I had the figure to pull it off myself.  The dress is currently available in our  ASOS Marketplace boutique.

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