Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Although my personal style can often flit from decade to decade, 60's fashion will always remain my all time favourite.  I'm a huge Beatles fan which I think is what first spurred my love affair with the decade.  I've recently finished watching the Beatles Anthology DVD, which is full of interesting commentary and loads of performances and videos, some of which I hadn't seen before.

Pattie and George  - image from www.pattieboyd.co.uk

   In the promo video for Something, from their 1969 Abbey Road album, it was Pattie Boyd, wife of George Harrison, that really grabbed my attention.  She was no doubt extememly beautiful but she also had that quintessentially 60's look that I absolutely love (it's no surprise that she was model), I had to add a few pictures of her to my style inspiration board on pinterest.

Pattie Boyd - Images from www.fanpop.com

Pattie and George - image from www.fanpo.com

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